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Bachelor Party

bachelor party cape town

Bachelor Party Ideas

You could let a buddy arrange a bachelor party. Or hire a Concierge, who tries to assemble a great evening with reservations at various suitable venues. Unfortunately, the best friends are usually the least capable of organizing a great party. If you want to party hard, the more venues you visit, the more difficult it will be to have discreet fun.

If you have the means, the best solution to a great party is to let one specialized organization handle all aspects of your once-in-a-lifetime evening: The venue, the catering and the adult entertainment. EPICURE offers a unique service, at a unique venue. Our Private Club arranges discreet parties with very few limits.

Be a Legend. Create memories. Be the one who hosted the party, which friends only whisper about!


What is a stag night without ladies? The luxury companions are beautiful, sociable and communicative. Our companions love to party. You can incorporate BDSM into your party, or even request your own Dominatrix.


We combine the pleasure of the greatest cooks in Cape Town, with discreet adult entertainment. No matter if your desire is for Sushi, a classic South African Braai or exquisite French cuisine, we have catering partners who will turn your wishes into reality. Dine on site with lovely companions and enjoy the ultimate desert in privacy.

No Limit Parties

In addition to a party lounge with stunning views, and a garden with heated pool, EPICURE offers 5 lovely Suites which allow you to party without time limits. Enjoy your friends and our dedicated Companions as long as you like. Fall asleep in a luxurious bed, without leaving our secure premises. Wake up to a beautiful new day, and a smile from your Companion. Leave at your pace after enjoying a nice shower and a lovely breakfast. Wash, Rinse & Repeat.


EPICURE has contracted a Executive Protection company to provide our security. The security detail ensures the personal safety of all guests. If you decide to continue your journey into the Cape Town nightlife, this service can be extended until you are safely at your hotel or residence.

Discreetness & Confidentiality

Just because you party hard, you do not want your pictures in the tabloids. You may hire the complete venue for the ultimate privacy of your friends and business associates. EPICURE has a strictly enforced no-photo policy.

What Happens At EPICURE, Stays At EPICURE