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Time To Change Our Name

Epicure Gentlemen Club changes name to EPICURE CLUB

Change is the only constant

When we started our adventure in 2019, we did not envision the many cool people we would meet and the many adventures we would embark on. Many things have changed in the last three years, including the range of services we provide, and the types of events we are hosting. Our understanding of the definition or the meaning of a gentlemen's club in South Africa has changed. The definition is very different from that of a gentlemen club in the old world. See Wikipedia's definition of a gentlemen's club to understand where we come from.

In the meantime we have also learned that the name EPICURE Gentlemen Club restricts us — at least in the eyes of the guest or viewer. Many South African guests expect us to have pole dancing and strippers, because that is what they have become accustomed to from a gentlemen's club. Yet, we have never had pole dancing and do not feature strippers. In this sense, we do not met meet the expectation of some potential guests.

At the same time, the term limits us. Few expect the coolest swinger parties, kink or festish events like KINK UP or business networking events when they hear the name EPICURE Gentlemen Club. This dilemma has resulted in many hours of back and forth discussion, as branding experts have advised against changing an established name. We have decided to take the plunge anyway, as we don't want to be restricted. We would rather take one step back, and be capable of moving three steps forward.

Name Change

EPICURE Gentlemen Club has become EPICURE CLUB.

We would appreciate if you would update your phone book, contacts and any links to our website.

Thank you,


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We recently acquired the domain name

Our original domain showed search engines that we are based in South Africa and our activities may be limited to this region. We have commenced the transition of the site to the new domain name.

We are excited about the future!

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