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The Erotic Dinner Party — December 6, 2023

the epicure erotic dinner party on December 6, 2023

An Erotic Dinner Party

You may have heard of Ménage à trois. Ménage à Douze is similar. Except is is not...


Ménage à Douze is a VIP Party for naughty couples. Some people may think this is a swingers party. They would only be partially correct. It  is a set dinner, unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is a classy erotic dinner party. A celebrity chef will prepare a scrumptous multi-course dinner. Our exciting staff will serve and entertain. Sexy food and exciting guests, in a no-limit environment, will make this an event to remember.


This exclusive, naughty dinner party is limited to six couples. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate singles at this event. Contact us to discuss our matchmaking options for the evening.


Our erotic dinner party is not for swinging only. Every couple is invited. For the curious, we will introduce an element of BDSM. Our resident Pro Domme will be present to tease and titillate.


Exclusive | Adults Only | Discreet



Wednesday, the 6th of December 2023

20:00 hours until 04:00am



Tickets are available at



ID is required

Full security service on site.



Parking is limited.


Dress Code

Evening wear is mandatory. We suggest naughty lingerie underneath...



Right of Admission is reserved.



Contact us at or +27 (74) 878 0000‬‬


Comments ( 2 )

Is this an orgy?

In reply to by Marianne (not verified)

That is an interesting question. Ménage à Douze is an upmarket dinner party for adults which would like an experience. Think naughty couples. Think sexy entertainment. Sensual...

Anything can happen. Nothing must.

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