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High-Class Swingers Night on May 1, 2021

On request of our friends, the EPICURE CLUB has the pleasure of hosting another Exclusive Swingers Night on Friday, the 1st of May 2021. We are pleased to have Swinging Heaven member Klaus as a cohost for this event.

Our High Class Swingers Party will show you how elegant and sensuous the swinger lifestyle can be. An exclusive, selected clientèle makes all the difference. Play in the garden, play in the heated salt water pool, play in one of five tastefully decorated hotel suites.

Our beautiful environment and our high level of security make this event a highlight for experienced swingers, first time swingers and newcomers to the alternative lifestyle alike. We will strictly moderate the attendance of the event, to guarantee a comfortable balance of men to women.

Socialize in the heated salt water pool, get down with the music, love the vibe and be uninhibited...

Exclusive | Adults Only | Discrete


George Sax


Saturday, the 1st of May 2021

19:00 hours until...

Check out time is 11:00 hours

Cover Charge

Couples - R1500

Single Men - R1000

Single Ladies - R500


Five (5) hotel suites are at the disposal of our swingers and are included in the cover charge. You can play and stay overnight.


All drinks are complimentary. Please make a suitable donation for your drinks.


Please arrange payment in advance by EFT. Payment instructions will be provided when you request attendance by email.

Social Distancing Regulations

Social distancing rules apply!

Masks are mandatory.

Hands will be disinfected at the gate.

Temperature will be checked at the gate.


Full security service on site.


Parking is limited. Don't drink and drive. Please use Bolt, Uber or another ride service.

Dress Code

Appropriate Evening Attire is requested


Right of Admission is reserved.

Bookings & Reservations

Contact us for reservations at You will be sent a reply by email with payment instructions. You need to book and pay in advance!


Contact us at or ‭+27 (74) 878 0000‬‬


Comments ( 9 )

Can we just rock up at the gate? Or do we have to make reservations?

In reply to by escortbabes

The key issue for our events is a great balance of couples to singles, and men to women in particular. We cannot control this desired balance if we simply let everyone come, and they pay at the gate.

We there keep a spreadsheet with all paid guests which shows us the exact ratio of men to women, couples to singles. If you would like to attend the event, get your request in ASAP and make the required payment by EFT. If you wait until last minute, you may find yourself without an event to attend...

Can escorts join the event?

In reply to by Mia

Escorts may join the event in a private capacity. This is not an event where you can expect to find customers or make money.


It will be a sexy event, so you are bound to have a good time, though.

The weather forecast is very good. We have a clear blue sky. Not a cloud in sight...

This event will be a fantastic event for first time swingers.

Come join us for a fabulous time tonight!

I have been watching your events. We have never done anything like this. Is it too late to join tonight?

In reply to by Michael

Michael, we usually have the mantra "the more, the merrier".

Please join us tonight. You can pay upon entering.

Dear Guests,

Our featured artist George Sax had to cancel tonight's engagement due to a potential case of COVID-19 in his immediate surrounding.

We sincerely apologize for this development. We will play music from a playlist.

Cool event. Wish I could be there!

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