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High Class Swingers Party on June 5, 2021

EPICURE Exclusive Swingers Party June 5, 2021

The EPICURE CLUB has the pleasure of hosting another swingers party on Saturday, the 5th of June 2021.

Our High Class Swingers Party will show you how elegant and sensuous the swinger lifestyle can be. An exclusive, selected clientèle makes all the difference. Play in the garden, play in the heated salt water pool, play in one of five tastefully decorated hotel suites.

Our beautiful environment and our high level of security make this event a highlight for experienced swingers, first time swingers and newcomers to the alternative lifestyle alike. We will strictly curate the attendance of the event, to guarantee a comfortable balance of men to women.

Socialize in the heated salt water pool, get down with the music, love the vibe and be uninhibited...

Exclusive | Adults Only | Discrete


George Sax


Saturday, the 5th of June 2021

19:00 hours until...

Check out time is 11:00 hours


Phase 1 from 6/05 to 22/05

  • Ladies: R250
  • Single Men: R1000
  • Couples: R1500


Phase 2 from 23/05 to 29/05

  • Ladies: R500
  • Single Men: R1500
  • Couples: R2000


Phase 3 from 30/05 until event

  • Ladies R750
  • Single Men: R2000
  • Couples: R2500


Events need to be planned, so tickets are discounted for those who commit early. Please buy your tickets a.s.a.p and save money. Tickets will only be sold online at


Five (5) hotel suites are at the disposal of our swingers and are included in the cover charge. You can play and stay overnight.


All drinks are complimentary.

Social Distancing Regulations

Social distancing rules apply!

Masks are mandatory.

Hands will be disinfected at the gate.

Temperature will be checked at the gate.


Full security service on site.


Parking is limited. Don't drink and drive. Please use Bolt, Uber or another ride service.

Dress Code

Appropriate Evening Attire is requested


Right of Admission is reserved.

Bookings & Reservations

Tickets will be sold via


Contact us at or +27 (74) 878 0000‬‬

Comments ( 10 )

Good day

We are first timers wanting to attend the swingers party on 6 June. Can u give a brief overview on what to expect? I have questions like curfew? Can one stay overnight and do the ticket costs cater for overnighting. My spouse and I want to attend, but we are not sure what to expect.

Thanks S

In reply to by smith

Dear S,

Thank you for your interest. The last events have shown that many guests stay through the curfew and leave in the morning. The 5 suites can be used in any way, including falling asleep until the next day. The priority is on play, though.

The check-out time is 11:00am, so that we can clean and prepare for guests arriving on Sunday.

We believe the event will be a perfect opportunity for first time swingers. The event is focused on couples. We have a good mix of first time swingers and experienced swingers. The club is clean, luxurious and secure. We curate the man to woman ratio. You will not be confronted with a cock fest.

We usually have many nice couples that are happy to guide, and engage with first time swingers. Please join us and get to know the alternative lifestyle.

Best Regards,


Dear Swingers,

Phase 2 of the ticket sales ends tonight at midnight. As of midnight tickets can only be purchased in Phase 3, which means they are more expensive.

Please buy your tickets at now and save money.

Twelve hours to go...

Good day

Can you please delete my name in the previous post thanks



Dear Friends of EPICURE,

Due to the recently changed curfew, we have moved the event forward from 8pm to 7pm. Everything else stays the same...

Best Regards,


Good day

About how many guests will be there?

Are there still tickets available?


In reply to by smith

We have more than 50 requests on Swinging Heaven. On the basis of the ticket sales to date, we expect more 30 guests.

You can still get tickets at

We are excited to share that the team from Sensual Divas will provide a lingerie fashion show at the party.

Our swingers party is off to a great start. The weather is perfect. We have a clear blue sky. The forecast shows 18C today...

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