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Ladies Night — September 30, 2023

ladies night cape town 2023-09-30

The EPICURE CLUB has the pleasure of inviting to our Ladies Night on Saturday, the 30th of September.

Cape Town has many naughty events for men. This event bucks the trend, as we focus on the ladies — heterosexual and lesbian. Men are only an attraction.

Experience bondage, swinging or othe form of naughty fun.

Male Dancers

We will have a team of hot studs provide dancing shows and entertainment throughout the evening.


A limited number of sensual massages will be offered through the night.

Male Escorts

We have invited some attractive male escorts for your pleasure. If you happen to be lesbian, the bisexual escorts may please you.


Ladies, you are the focus of this evening. You will have all the fun. Male guests are your toys and here for your pleasure.


Please note that photography is not allowed under any circumstances. Phones and cameras will be destroyed for breach of this rule. No exceptions!

Private suites are available for those who would like to play discreetly.


DJ Lady Ladida and DJ Chris Reel


Saturday, the 30th of September 2023

20:00 hours until very late.


4 Little Lions Head Rd.   
Cape Town 7806


Members — free 
Ladies — free 
Men — R1500

Tickets can be purchased at Please note, there will not be ticket sales at the door for this event!


A limited number of hotel suites are available for those who would like to play discreetly and/or stay overnight. We suggest you book at your earliest convenience.


Cash or Card

Security will be present to prevent any catfights. ;-)


Don't drink and drive. Please use Bolt, Uber or another ride service.

Dress Code

Dress to have fun!


Right of Admission is reserved.

Bookings & Reservations

Contact us at or ‭+27 (74) 878 0000‬‬

Last but not least, we would like to thank for being a sponsor and making this event happen!

Comments ( 2 )

We see that Zsa Zsa has a Ladies Night tomorrow. What is the difference between your two events?

In reply to by Aline (not verified)

Hello Aline,

Zsa Zsa is a very nice restaurant, not an adult club. They provide shows to get people to come have dinner and drinks. The shows are a marketing tool. This means you have dinner, then watch the show. You do not get involved with the dancers.

EPICURE on the other hand, is an adult club which only serves dinner on special events. We do not provide shows for marketing reasons. What we do is interactive. In other words you not only see, but you can touch. You may get involved, have fun and get naughty. You can get a sensual massage, you can book a room, you can play with other guests, you can engage a male escort, you can experience bondage or other BDSM delights. All of this is up to you. There is no obligation to participate.

I hope to have explained the difference.

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