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EPICURE Passion Party on January 2, 2021

EPICURE Adult Passion Party January 2, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

EPICURE has the pleasure of inviting to the first Lockdown Passion Party of 2021.

Kiss 2020 goodbye and start the year off right on Saturday, the 2nd of January.

Due to the new COVID-19 Regulations we have changed the format for this event. This event will be a garden (pool) party exclusively for those who have booked a room via Airbnb (Please see ticket section below). Socialize in the garden, the heated pool, our lounge or in your room.

Enjoy the music, love the vibe, be uninhibited, feel the passion...

Exclusive | Adults Only | Discreet


Saturday, the 2nd of January 2021

15:00 hours until you fall asleep in your hotel suite.


4 Little Lions Head Rd.

Cape Town 7806


Due to the current COVID-19 Regulations, the event is limited to very few people. This makes our event more exclusive than ever.

In order to gain admission, you need to make a reservation for a room via Airbnb at this link:

We only have 5 suites. First come, first served. Security will not allow you to enter, if you do not have a hotel booking!


All drinks will be complimentary tonight!


Payment for the booking will be directly to Airbnb. Drinks are complimentary. Bring cash for anything else, please.

Cash is more discreet. Card services are available.

Social Distancing Regulations

Social distancing rules apply!

Masks are mandatory

Hands will be disinfected at the gate.

Temperature will be checked at the gate.


Full security team on site.


Parking is limited. Don't drink and drive. Please use Uber or another ride service.

Dress Code

Summer fun. Full nudity is acceptable.


Right of Admission is reserved.


Contact us at or ‭+27 (74) 878 0000‬‬


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Please note that the format of the event has changed due to currently applicable COVID-19 Regulations.

Read the event description in detail. We have very few openings available tonight. Make your booking through Airbnb. No gates sales for this event!

First come, first served...

Will there be girls?

In reply to by Fred

Is water wet?

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