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Tantric Nights

Lilith Noir Studios


Tantric Nights


"Our first ever sensual massage play party, where clothing is optional and consent is sexy!"



Lilith Noir Studios has teamed up with the EPICURE CLUB to provide a safe space for you to touch and be touched, connect with your partner on a deeper sensual level or even connect to new like-minded people. At this intimate gathering, connection to mind, body, and community is fundamental.


Singles are welcome too. We have pro massage therapists of all orientations and genders, so there's something for everyone.


"We are just a friendly and happy collective who just enjoy healing, touch, and release."


Venue and Event Features:

  • Free 15-minute Back and Neck Massage
  • Demo Room/Public Play Room
  • Clothing Optional/Naked Silent Disco
  • Heated Pool
  • Large tropical garden
  • Thai Yoga Massages and ASMR
  • Listen to DJ Set outdoors in nature.


Disclaimer: Lilith Noir (Pty) LTD will not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury at our event or inside our establishment. Remember that consent is required and can be withdrawn at any point. Please negotiate respectfully.



Tickets can be purchased at

Comments ( 2 )

Quicket says the tickets are sold out. Can we pay at the door?

In reply to by Maria (not verified)

Unforturtunately, the tickets are limited by the number of headphones available for the silent disco. We therefore do not have door sales for this event.


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