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What a Load of Bull

a bull with two cuck queens

What Is A Bull?

Enter the arena! Many might not understand the dynamics of Bulls and the part they play in Cuckold relationships and as bizarre as they may sound to others outside of the kink community and alternative lifestyle, it is accepted behavior between many consenting adults who have decided and agreed to have an open relationship and allow others into their intimate space.

A Bull is an outsider or third party in a Cuckold relationship. They are invited into a relationship to have sex with one partner while the other partner, who is less endowed physically is often made to feel humiliated while turned on at the same time as they watch their partner being pleasured by a better looking, more attractive, sexually virile man who possesses fantastic sexual talents that he most likely does not have. Basically a Cuck has intense voyeuristic tendencies and a Bull is often seen as an extension of himself.

Cuckolding is a fetish mostly involving a woman (the Hotwife/Cuckoldress) in a heterosexual relationship who engages in sex with another man (the Bull). The woman’s partner (the Cuck) is aware of this sexual relationship and will often be the one to instigate it. He is sometimes a non-touching participant who often derives sexual pleasure and gratification from being degraded and humiliated by watching his partner being satisfied sexually in ways that he cannot.

The idea of being humiliated and degraded sexually is a form of mental and emotional masochism. It is not to say that this is the case in every Cuckold relationship. Like all relationships, there are different dynamics involved as each person is an individual who personal preferences, likes and dislikes.

Cuckolding is a fetish that involves dominance and submission play. The Bull is seen more as a tool to facilitate play for a couple and even though the Bull is dominant in their performance sexually, their participation is a means to an end for the Cuckold couple. It has been the saving factor in many relationships where a man is no longer physically able to please his partner sexually and will then bring in another male to see to her sexual needs.

A Bull will usually take charge of what happens sexually, even though he has been invited into the relationship. Bulls have a specific purpose and should remain respectful and considerate of the boundaries and agreements in place. In the same way that a Cuck derives pleasure from watching his female partner being pleasured and sexually satisfied by another a man, a Cuckqueen derives pleasure from watching another woman pleasure and sexually satisfy her male partner.

Consent, boundaries and agreements should be clear to all parties, including the Bull, in order for a Cuckold relationship to work and leave everyone satisfied. Bringing a Bull into a relationship is often seen as having a threesome or swinging, even though it is not, due to the fact that the Cuck usually does not get involved sexually, but stands back and allows the bull to do the work of pleasing their partner. This does not mean that a Cuck does not or can not get involved. He can, but for the most part, a Cuck will allow the Bull to take charge sexually and will watch.

A female equivalent is referred to as a Cuckcake. Similar to how a Bull is invited into a relationship to please a woman, a Cuckcake is invited into a relationship to please and sexually gratify the man. There are so many reasons why these roles exist and why they work. One must always remember that like any relationship, consent has been given and boundaries have been set and agreed upon.

What is a Bull Hopeful?

This term refers to a man (single or in a relationship), who is trying to gain the attention of a woman who is already in a committed relationship. The woman in this relationships is usually referred to as a Cuckoldress, Hotwife, or Vixen. A Bull-hopeful will try just about anything to convince and entice the Cuckoldress into having sex with him.

However, as Cuckold relationships are usually agreed on and determined before entering them, most women in a Cuckold relationship will have one or several Bulls that she and her partner have agreed on and entered into an agreement with. These are men that regularly please her sexually and are referred to as her stable of Returning Bulls. It gives her and her partner security and control, and rather than having a one-night stand with a stranger, both the Cuck and Cuckoldress are content with the arrangements they already have in place.

There are some Bulls who may have had sex with the same woman a number of times, but he has not yet earned the Full Bull status and the right to be in her stable of regulars. This decision is something that is usually made by the Cuckold couple, with the Bull agreeing to the terms, conditions and boundaries set out.

Types of Bulls

There are various types of Bulls that serve many different purposes and for different reasons in Cuckold relationships.

The One Night Stand Bull

This can be fun, but it does come with its risks, such as picking up a complete stranger who you know nothing about. The idea of going out together as a couple and finding a handsome stranger for your female partner can be highly erotic and arousing. Also the knowing that you will probably never see that person again is enticing and dangerous which in itself is arousing. Living life on the edge and taking chances, almost like playing Russian roulette. It's an unplanned experience and basically ‘just happens’. For the Cuckoldress, it may be an exhilarating thought to know that she still has what it takes to catch the eye and attention of a hot stud.

The Online Bull

A word of caution here. Once its online, its out there. A great place to meet an Online Bull would be forums, dating apps and other kink websites. The danger here is that you could be talking to an absolute psychopath. On the other hand, you could meet a handsome, sexy Bull that could become a regular Bull that forms part of your Cuckold relationship. This relationship can take some time to develop though, as you would still need to meet the Bull in person, even though you may have been talking to each other online for some time.

The Holiday Bull

If you are a couple that travels extensively, these Bulls can be wonderful and fun entertainment in the different cities you are visiting. Almost like visiting an exotic friend with benefits.

The Ex-Boyfriend Bull

Not for the inexperienced and this type of Bull comes with all the obvious reasons why you should not have them as the third wheel in a Cuckold relationship. The fact that your current wife or girlfriend still wants to have sex with her ex may be the ultimate humiliation both physically and mentally. It may however, be a turn on for the Cuck to watch how the ex did things with the knowledge that he is nothing more than a tool to be used and discarded once she is done with him. A slightly more complicated relationship, but one that could work with incredible maturity, respect and trust.

The Regular Bull

This is the Bull that your wife or girlfriend will be having sex with the most. This Bull lives in close proximity to Cuckold couple, such as the same town or city. She will see him often and the chemistry between the Bull and the Cuckoldress is usually quite intense. This type of relationship is not just about some guy having sex with your partner. He has to be someone that the Cuck can trust to not overstep the boundaries or break the agreement. This Bull needs to have a relationship with the man as well. He needs to be discreet and will respect the fact that the woman he is pleasuring, is in a committed relationship with another man. He is the kind of man that will take a wife or girlfriend out on a date and the male partner is secure in the knowledge that nothing untoward will happen.

Other Bull types

  • The Accidental Bull
  • The ‘Fake’ Bull
  • The Adaptive Bull
  • The Possessive Bull
  • The Hardcore Bull
  • The Bullfriend
  • The Dominating Bull
  • The Bisexual Bull
  • The Polygamy Bull


In Conclusion

There is so much one could write and talk about on this one topic. At the end of the day, it boils down to consenting adults, who for whatever reason, have agreed to enter into a relationship with another person, male or female, that enhances their existing relationship and takes it to the next level. It is not about cheating, but about exploring another level of their sexuality.

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