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WhatsApp is down

Cancel Culture strikes again...

Our main WhatsApp account has been taken down. The appeal is in progress.

Please call 074 878 0000 regarding hotel bookings, spa bookings, questions about events or general questions.

You can also use our alternate WhatsApp number 074 948 0000. Please note that our spa number looks similar to our main number — but it is different.


A third option for getting in touch is the communication app Telegram. You can download the Android app in the Google Play Store and the iOS app at the Apple App Store. There is even a Telegram app for your Windows or Mac computer.

Once you are in the app, search for EPICURE CLUB and you will be in touch directly with us.

Comments ( 3 )

Hello, does this mean that chatting on WhatsApp has become impossible? Have you kept data/memory of past conversations with you ? And what about the confidentiality of past discussions on your WhatsApp account? I am worry! Thanks! François.

Dear Francois,

You can continue to chat with us on WhatsApp on our alternate number 074 948 0000 while we appeal the blocking of our main number.

WhatsApp markets that all conversations are secure, due to end-to-end encryption of every message. This would imply that neither WhatsApp nor any 3rd party can read your chats. We question how accurate the marketing message is, if WhatsApp can go through our message threads and conclude that the content is in breach of their Terms of Service.

Telegram may be a better, but less convenient solution. If you would like to reach us on Telegram, please log in on the app and do a search for EPICURE CLUB.

After two months of sending objection emails, we are happy to report that our original number 074 878 0000 is back on WhatsApp.

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