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Why Does the EPICURE CLUB Have The Best Escorts In Cape Town?

The Best Escorts

The EPICURE CLUB is an adult playground, which does not have their own escorts. Nonetheless, the best escorts in Cape Town spend time here, as we have created a clean, safe and happy environment. We work with several Cape Town based escort agencies including

Needless to say, you can also pick an independent escort from one of the many escort directories like ESA, Red Velvet or the Escort Network. Book a companion direct and play with them at a discreet, escort friendly venue.

In essence, 'la crème de la crème', or the cream of the crop comes to play here.


The happiest escorts are the best escorts!

Comments ( 3 )

Not sure about the best escorts in Cape Town. That is a rather absolute statement.

I will say, that I love the concept and like the people that come there.

Love this place!

Nice guests, nice ladies. Beautiful venue.

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