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Why Work For The Best?

Working For The Best Has Many Benefits

Esquire Magazine rated the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE as one of the leading GFE agencies in the world. In fact, our organization was one of only two organizations that were specifically mentioned by the editors. If you would like to see why, please look at the Esquire Magazine editorial The Girlfriend Experience

There are many additional benefits and perks which come through working exclusively for the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. These include:

  • An attractive base salary
  • Health Insurance
  • Monthly Health Testing
  • A lucrative commission
  • Health Club Membership
  • Complimentary hair cuts and hair treatments
  • Complimentary facials
  • Complimentary Bobbi Brown cosmetics
  • Complimentary laser hair removal (or waxing if you prefer)


Our philosophy is simple:

"The Happiest Girls are the Prettiest Girls".


Last but not least, a dedicated Security Team will look out for your security.

Contact Us

If you want to be treated like a Goddess, contact our team for a no-obligation interview.

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I would like to know some more information regarding this work. How does payment work? What if there are one or two things that one is not prepared to do. Can this be the only work one needs to do to live comfortably?

Many thanks,

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