Upcoming Events At The Epicure Adult Playground

We have a variety of events held at the EPICURE CLUB. Some events are private, and some affairs are dedicated to a specific demographic.

Adult Party

The majority of our parties are open. In other words single women, single men and couples are welcome. You may, or should expect escorts at adult parties.

Dinner Parties

Find out more about our exclusive, erotic dinner parties.

Swinger Party

Swinging is popular at this club. The first Saturday of every month is Swingers Day at EPICURE. We also host Daytime Swinger Pool Parties. In general, our swingers parties are geared towards couples. We allow a limited number of single men and women.

BDSM Party

We are introducing BDSM and fantasy parties at EPICURE.

Single Party

We are introducing a monthly mature Single Party at EPICURE.


We provide sensual massages for individuals and couples massages at most of our events, or by appointment during the week.

What to Wear

Find some ideas and suppliers at our dress code page.


If you are looking for a naughty party in Cape Town, we should have something to your liking. Please take a look at our blog to see some of the events we have hosted in the past. If you have questions about our entertainment, past events or upcoming events, contact us to discuss your wishes.

Date Party Demographic More info
Hedonism Party — March 9, 2024 Adult, BDSM, Swinger Heterosexual, Lesbian, LGBT
Kink Party — March 16, 2024 BDSM Heterosexual, Lesbian, LGBT
Exclusive Swingers Party — April 6, 2024 Swinger Heterosexual, Lesbian
Hedonism Party — April 13, 2024 Adult, Swinger, BDSM Heterosexual, Lesbian, LGBT
Kink Party — April 20, 2024 BDSM Heterosexual, Lesbian, LGBT
End of Summer Single Party Adult Heterosexual, Lesbian, LGBT
Masquerade Ball Adult, BDSM, Swinger Heterosexual, Lesbian, LGBT