There is no photography. No exception. We will destroy your device!

You are obligated to have a good time here, but there is abolutely no pressure to get involved. You are welcome to observe, and try at home what you have learned.

Touching another person, in particular a woman, requires their consent. Respect the wishes of their partner.

A person with a collar is owned, in other words a sub or a slave. A slave cannot give consent. You need permission from his or her Master.

If you engage a female massage therapist or escort on this property, she is in charge of your experience. Accept her boundaries. Don’t force your wishes or fantasies on her. We have no problem filing rape charges in addition to getting violent. Our security team is well paid, but bored.

The curtains of the public play rooms will stay open. Voyeurs are allowed to watch. Exhibitionists are allowed to display.

If you want absolute privacy, request a private suite.

Nudity is allowed in the various rooms, the garden and the pool.

Sex is allowed in the various rooms, the garden and the pool.

The rooms on the lower level are private and off-limits.

Use your common sense!

We hate rules. Don’t make us enforce them.