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If you are looking for a male escort in Cape Town, you have found your Nirvāṇa. EPICURE is an adult playground which caters to men and women.

We are happy to arrange an individual sensual massage for you, a couples massage or a male escort for you. You can get a seamless tan, skinny dip, discretely socialize with an escort for women or experience your fantasy in one of our five hotel suites.

If you are not ready to empower yourself with a male escort, joining one of our social events is a great way to get your feet wet.

If you are looking for stunning adult entertainment in Cape Town, check out the EPICURE Members Only Club. The members, guests, companions and entertainment are discreet and high class.

Adult Entertainment Cape Town Events

We love a good party, so we host a variety of high class adult entertainment events, social events and swinger parties.

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Our team would like to make your fantasy come true. Please contact us at to discuss your wishes.