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Massage experiences at the EPICURE CLUB are unique. Our team provides beautiful experiences in the most elegant venue of its kind in Cape Town, the Western Cape and beyond. The EPICURE Angels, our attractive and talented therapists, love to spoil and pamper. The Angels will make your fantasy come true.

Erotic massage is a type of massage that focuses on the body's erogenous zones to create an intimate and pleasurable experience. It can be used as a form of foreplay, or as part of sexual activity. The goal is to relax and stimulate the senses through touch, creating an atmosphere of trust and intimacy between partners. The techniques used include kneading, stroking, rubbing, tapping and caressing with hands or other objects such as feathers or fur. Essential oils may also be used to enhance the experience. The benefits include increased relaxation, improved circulation, reduced stress levels and enhanced feelings of connection between partners.

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Our Experiences

The following massage therapies are available for men, women and couples:

  • Nuru massage — naked body slide
  • Yoni massage — vagina massage
  • Lingam massage — penis massage
  • GFE Massage — The ultimate experience for the gentleman
  • Couples massage — an intimacy therapy for couples and lovers

You can find a more detailed explanation of these massages at our massage information page.


Preview our massages take place in hotel suites with ensuite bathroom

Every treatment at EPICURE takes place in one of our discreet boutique hotel suites. Every hotel suite has their own ensuite bathroom, with large walk-in shower. Unlike the majority of massage studios in Cape Town, we do not have a shared bathroom or shower in the hallway. In our humble opinion having to wait for others to finish, before you take your shower, is neither luxurious nor discreet.

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Of course you can find a cheaper adult massage. We can even recommend one, but allow us a simple analogy: Would you like to travel economy class, or first class?

Our venue is located in a safe residential neighborhood. The property is beautiful, secure and most importantly discreet. Because we are an adult playground, your time here is not constrained to a massage therapy. You can swim, relax and even work if you are so inclined. Where else can you:

  • Chill with a long drink
  • Indulge a bubble bath with a glass of champagne
  • Skinny dip in a heated salt-water pool
  • Lounge in a hot jacuzzi
  • Sun tan naked before or after your naked massage
  • Party and stay for the night


or simply relax with fabulous views before and after your adult massage? We offer experiences unlike any other massage spa in Cape Town or South Africa.

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