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Hey you,

Do you remember that period when frenetic days blurred together so quickly, and so quietly, that when you looked up, the year was over? You found yourself holding only memories of bland work days, a great deal of tension in your shoulders, and a vague sense that you're actually a lot more fun than you seem to be? Please don't let that happen again. There's too much mischief in you to waste. 

Instead, come out. Come play with me. We'll go pleasure hunting together. I will be your skilled accomplice, breaking monotony and exchanging grins. A massage with me is sensual, freeing, and connected. Also, I have pretty strong hands, so I can get to that knot that's been bugging you for ages. But beyond that, a massage with me is a space for you to be as naughty, silly, flirty and relaxed as you really are. 

I love working with couples, and getting to that moment where everyday life fades into the background and their eye contact becomes electric again. I love massaging men with broad backs, used to carrying the weight of the world. I love massaging women til the voices in their heads go quiet. I love that moment when shy clients risk a bold comment.

Whoever you are, come. Come play with me!

1.64 m
R2500.00 per hour
Outcall Fee
Depends on the location