Anal stretching is a BDSM activity that involves stretching the anus using fingers, fists, butt plugs, dildos, or other toys/tools. Anal stretching may be practiced as part of slave training or for isolated sexual pleasure. It can be done alone or with a partner that you trust or have built a relationship with. Anal stretching makes various anal activities, like anal sex and anal fisting, much easier as the anal muscle has been 'exercised' or stretched to accommodate various toys/tools, etc.

Anal stretching can feel slightly uncomfortable, yet intensely pleasurable. It should not be painful, although the sensations can take some getting used to. If the anus bleeds, you should stop your anal stretching session and go more slowly next time. The anus will take three to six hours to return to normal after a stretching session. Rest your body for 2-3 days before trying anal stretching again. Some people insist anal stretching is totally safe, but it has been proven that severe anal stretching can damage the sphincter muscles.  Safety and a responsible approach will ensure that no 'emergency' response units are called in to save the day.