Anal torture is the BDSM practice of inflicting pain or pleasure by stimulating the anus or anal canal. Anal torture is considered to be riskier than some other BDSM activities due to the sensitive area surrounding and in the anus. Anal torture can be inflicted with a variety of instruments designed to penetrate the anus such as anal probes, dildos, anal beads, and butt plugs. Other instruments, such as needles, hooks, or pokers are also often used. Dominants may also have anal sex, or fist their submissives/slaves as part of anal torture.  Penetration is common, but not essential, during anal torture. Stimulation around the anus for a prolonged period without actual penetration can also be a form of anal torture and this would then incorporate the BDSM practices of Tease and Denial, mental BDSM, and edging, as it leaves the submissive/slave longing for penetration, and in a constant state of anticipation. 

Anal torture may also involve subjecting the anus to extreme temperatures, by inserting ice cubes, or hot pokers into the anus or dripping hot wax onto the area surrounding the anus. A burning sensation can also be achieved by inserting a ginger root or chili pepper into the anus of the submissive/slave. Medical play, such as inserting an enema into the anus is another common activity used in anal torture. Other medical procedures like a rectal examination or using a medical speculum to open and inspect the anus and prostate all form part of anal torture. Sensual anal torture may also be achieved by stimulating or tickling the anus, for instance by using a feather. It doesn’t hurt, but it can be absolute torture for a submissive/slave who feels aroused and is longing for more intense stimulation or penetration.