Ballbusting is a general term for any type of CBT (cock and ball torture) or genitorture, involving the testicles. Ballbusting can consist of actions such as squeezing, tight binding, and striking of the testicles, using the hands, feet, or torture devices such as paddles, whips, floggers, humblers, and other devices. Ballbusting involves the torture of the testicles and may involve RISK play such as castration fantasies.  It is an emasculating behavior and is usually practiced by a female Dominant/pro-Domme/Dominatrix on her male slaves and submissives. It is, however, a common BDSM activity in the gay community as well.  Being kicked in the balls is also a form of ballbusting and whilst it is arousing for the submissive/slave, if not done correctly can cause permanent damage to the testicles.  Submissives/slaves requesting this type of play must be aware that it may cause bruising, swelling of the testicles, and severe injuries such as testicle rupturing.  It is wise, though not mandatory, with all RISK play to employ the services of a pro-Domme or experienced Master.  The testicles are a common target on the body because they are extremely sensitive and a place of vulnerability as well as a center of sexuality. The importance of the testicles for sex and reproduction, and the thought of invalidating these sex organs, can be very arousing for a Dominant, as well as for a submissive/slave who enjoys pain and pleasing their Dominant. A submissive/slave engaging in this play enjoys the feeling of vulnerability and the sensations of pain.  Endorphins and other pleasure hormones, released during the pain of ballbusting can also create a sexual high, especially during arousal. It is possible to orgasm and ejaculate from ballbusting. Most submissives/slaves who enjoy ballbusting are masochists and enjoy receiving pain.  Many men who are ball-busted often have a fetish for shoes, boots, feet, or legs.