Bare Bottom Spanking involves the person being spanked, having their buttocks/bottom/ass exposed and naked, whilst being spanked.  It is part of sexual play and occurs when a Dominant slaps their sex partner with an open hand or an object to heighten sexual arousal. Spanking is usually enjoyed by those who find sexual pleasure in receiving pain, otherwise known as a masochist. It can be done during foreplay or intercourse. Spanking can be done in a variety of positions. Sometimes the partner being struck is bent over a spanking bench or furniture. Over-the-knee spanking (OTK spanking) is also a common spanking posture. The Dominant can strike the submissive/slave’s buttocks as many times as has been agreed upon between the Dominant and submissive/slave. They may spank them with their own hand or another implement, such as a crop or paddle. When a submissive/slave resists, the Dominant may tie them down or restrain them. This is all consensual and agreed upon either before or during the play session. Dominants may remain clothed, while submissives/slaves can be in any state of undress the Dominant instructs them to be. Dominants can use bare-bottom spanking to take physical control or mental control through humiliation. Spanking is also referred to as erotic spanking or spankophilia. It may be delivered as a spontaneous smack or go on for a lengthy session over a period of time. Spanking is often an integral part of rough sex between partners. Being spanked is the cause for arousal in many people as pain releases endorphins.