Blackmail as it stands is a criminal offence. However, in the BDSM community, it is a fantasy that can be reenacted in a role-playing scenario. Usually, this is a role-playing scene between a pro-Domme and a submissive/slave. A Dominatrix has some juicy or potentially harmful/damaging information concerning her submissive/slave and will financially blackmail him into paying her or giving her gifts in order for her silence. Findom, or financial domination, is a very online subset of the BDSM world in which mostly male subordinates worship a Dominatrix by handing over their cash in exchange for humiliation and mistreatment. Blackmail fantasy is a very popular form of domination that a number of Dommes engage in on a regular basis. It is a situation in which an individual willingly provides a Domme with personal photos or information which can then be used to “threaten” or expose/use against that individual if they do not pay/send more compromising photos, etc. 

The details of each scenario can be customized to the desires of the client requesting such a session. Some submissives/slaves may want to be “forced” to provide a weekly tribute, with the promise that the Dominatrix will email their secrets to their wife/boss/partner if they miss a payment. Others may get a thrill or aroused by having a compromising photo placed on a social media platform which can only be taken down once they have completed the task given to them by their Dominant. The important thing to note here is that everything done and said that relates to blackmail is done consensually, as part of the other person’s fantasy – Hence the term blackmail fantasy, which separates it from actual blackmail. It is a form of role-play.  Like any safe, consensual role-play, if at any time during the fantasy, the safe word gets used, the session stops!  True submissives/slaves will follow through with their tasks and tributes out of their desire to keep the fantasy alive. The fun is in the acting. This type of role-play is not advised for newcomers or inexperienced players.