Boot worship is the extreme love of boots, typically by a submissive/slave worshipping the Dominant wearing them. It also involves foot fetishes. Boot worship is often seen in Femdom relationships where slaves/submissives can be seen licking, kissing, and cleaning the boots of their Mistress.  Kissing and licking a Dominant's boots is considered an extreme form of humiliation due to the low stature of the feet. Boot worship takes the humiliation and surrender of a submissive/slave to a sexual level.  Some even consider it a sacred space. The ritual cleaning of a Dominant's boots is known as 'boot blacking'. Submissives/slaves will polish and spit-shine the boots often using their own underwear/lingerie or socks to achieve a shiny finish. Some submissives/slaves may even lick or suck the boots of their Dominant in the same way they would perform oral sex. Often a Mistress will walk over their slave or submissive and in extreme cases, use their boots in BDSM activities like ballbusting, trampling, or kicking. Boot worship can be seen as a sign of total and utter devotion of a submissive/slave to their Dominant.