The first thing to ask yourself before engaging in this type of BDSM activity is whether you want a 'surface burn', which will fade in time, or are you going for body modification procedures that will be permanent. Whilst tattoos and piercings are popular, branding is still something that is reserved for extreme sadists and masochists. Branding is a specialized process and requires the skill and expertise of a professional. Branding is burning the surface of a person's skin to leave a permanent mark. Due to the level of pain, extreme masochists love this type of play. Another question to ask before being branded by your Mistress/Master is whether you want to permanently have their mark on your body for the rest of your life. 

A skilled and professional Brander can build various designs to leave a 'lasting' impression. Thin strips of metal are used to build these designs and then heated with a propane torch to a certain temperature. Too hot and injury to the muscle and tissue will occur as well as the possibility of ruining the brand with ugly scarification (another extreme fetish). All the strikes must be applied with equal pressure and identical heat or an uneven brand will result. A professional will also ensure that they carry a medical/first aid kit with them at all times during a procedure. Like tattoos and piercings, a sterile workplace is a safe workplace.