Caging is a common BDSM practice used by Dominants to place/confine their submissives/slaves in a cage (similar to an animal kennel, hanging cage, or other devices).  It is used by a Dominant to express ownership and control over their submissive/slave and usually when that slave/submissive has disobeyed an instruction or not completed a task. It is also a piece of equipment/furniture that is used to place a submissive/slave in a position of humiliation and can be used for various other activities including public degradation. It is a form of discipline for the submissive/slave. The caged environment makes the submissive vulnerable and their body open for viewing.  Submissives/slaves are often placed into cages/confined spaces, naked for others to look at them. There are many different types of cages. Caging is often used in other BDSM activities and role-playing scenarios like Pet Play which include Puppy play, Kitten Play, and Piggy Play.