Caning is one of the popular forms of pain or 'impact' play in BDSM. A cane is usually made from a variety of materials including rattan, nylon, leather, metal, wood, bamboo, and fiberglass.  Whatever cane you decide on using, make sure it doesn't splinter. Skin needs to be worked on gradually in order to increase the endorphins that can turn pain into pleasure, so start slowly and gradually build your way up when either giving or receiving a caning.  A cane can and will split the skin. Parts of the body that are subject to caning are usually the genitals, breasts, upper back, buttocks, thighs, feet, palms, and back. Stay away from hitting the back and front of the neck, the head, the sternum/breastplate, the tailbone, and the kidneys, as this may cause severe internal injuries if struck incorrectly. Caning is a form of BDSM activities involving 'corporal punishment' and is often used in 'Disciplinarian' role-play sessions such as Headmistress/naughty schoolboy scenes.