Facesitting, also known as 'smothering', is a sexual practice in which a Dominant sits or hovers over their submissives/slaves' faces. Many Dominants will use this to facilitate oral sex or analingus. In the case of a Dominatrix, it can also be used to facilitate 'pussy/cunt' worship. A 'Lady Bizarre', will allow mouth and tongue contact, whilst a Dominatrix who does not engage in sexual practices with her clients, will remain fully clothed and will not allow her submissives/slaves any form of pleasure or contact with her skin. Facesitting is also used to humiliate and degrade a submissive/slave.

Depending on gender, facesitting can also be referred to as 'queening' or 'kinging'. A number of dungeons and pro-Dommes will have a 'queening chair/throne', which is designed specifically to allow their submissives/slaves to on their backs and in a position to be sat on.