Face slapping can be used to humiliate a submissive/slave as well as be a part of sexual interaction between two people. It is usually an act of power by a Dominant over their submissive/slave and is used to emphasize the dominance of a Mistress/Master, whilst humiliating the submissive/slave or publicly putting them in their place. Face slapping is often used by stern 'disciplinarians' to remind their submissives/slaves of who is in control of the relationship or play session.

Face slapping can cause permanent damage to the face if not done correctly and it is considered by many to be part of 'edge play'.  Face slapping should NEVER be performed when a Dominant is angry or upset. It is a BDSM activity that is agreed upon before a play session begins. This is an intimate act that requires understanding, trust, and respect between two consenting parties. Face slapping, like all BDSM activities, is abuse if consent has not been given.