A flogger is a type of sex toy used to flog or whip, a submissive/slave/partner  It is a very common toy used in the BDSM lifestyle and play sessions. Floggers are usually made of several tails attached to a rigid handle. The tails can be made from a number of materials, including horsehair, rubber, or leather.  To flog a person is to hit or strike a person’s bottom or back repeatedly with this toy/tool (a leather or rope instrument that looks similar to cat-o-nine tails), while the submissive/slave is bound to a wall or bed. Flogging someone does not have to be something that causes the submissive/slave/partner pain in any way and it isn’t always an extreme sexual activity. In BDSM, the aim is to use pain to increase sensation, and therefore sexual pleasure. Some floggers are made of softer materials like horse hair and can be used in the sensual play to stimulate the submissive/slave/partner. In the case of slaves, a flogger can be used to discipline them.  For many people, floggers, when used correctly can be a form of physical therapy similar to a massage.  As the muscles heat up, tension is released and a person can begin to relax and enjoy the sensations caused by the rough or gentle swish of a particular material across their skin.