A slave is a submissive person who gives up their power to a Dominant, otherwise known as a Top/Owner/Mistress or Master.  This is done in a BDSM Total Power Exchange (TPE) relationship. Before judging or making remarks about Fetish or Kink slaves, it would be wise to educate yourself so you have an understanding of the historical and present trauma around slavery, from the trans-Atlantic slave trade to current human trafficking.

A slave becomes their Dominant’s property.  Fetish slaves are people who have willingly given their freedom and right to make choices for themselves over to their Mistress or Master. This does not mean they have to remain in a D/s relationship if they are unhappy or being mistreated. Consent is a key whereas the slavery practiced in previous years, was abusive and no consent was given.

A slave is responsible for ensuring that their Owner's needs and wants are met. These may extend to sexual needs and this would make them a sex slave. Again, it is imperative to understand that these needs, wants, expectations, and fulfillment of them, are consensual from the slave's part and that they are agreed on by both the Dominant and the slave. Slaves may prepare meals, do domestic chores, and many other activities, in exchange for activities, and attention that their Mistress or Master may give them.

Slaves will often wear collars to indicate to others that they belong to a Dominant and as such may not be played with or approached. Some slaves enter into 'slave contracts' which are mutually agreed upon activities, roles, and responsibilities in that relationship and are usually not legally binding. However, the Kink community frowns upon and disapproves of anyone who breaks these contracts.  High Protocol and etiquette are key to these relationships.

As with all relationships, relationships between slaves and their Owners differ and some relationships allow for more negotiating than others.

In the Fetish and Kink communities, slaves give their full consent before entering into a TPE relationship. This is what makes them different from enslaved and trafficked people.