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Sex Party

The best sex party in cape town can be found at epicure

Sex Party Cape Town

Many people dream of joining an exclusive sex party, orgy, gang bang or swinger party. In fact, sex parties are some of the most frequently searched and viewed topics in internet pornography. Some people love window shopping. Others prefer to live out their fantasies. Why restrict yourself to viewing this type of porn on the internet? You could partake in one of our events, and satisfy your sex addiction in the most elegant and classy environment.

If you go out in the Mother City, you might get lucky and end up getting laid. The probability is not high. Your chances will increase drastically, if you attend a venue or club that hosts sexy parties on a regular basis. EPICURE is an adult playground, where you can play anytime.

Pool party

We have a discrete location, with a heated salt water pool. We love a good pool party. Pool party sex is very frequent here.

Orgy Party

Join one of our events. There are no limits to the size of the event. EPICURE is an adults only playground. Nonetheless, we are different than other group sex places. We will only host an exclusive sex party.

Party sex

Too much of the same gets boring. Tired of plain vanilla in your relationship? Spice up your sex life and enhance your relationship. Party sex may just be what the doctor ordered for the two of you.

Swinger Party

We host various types of adult parties, including a monthly, exclusive swingers party held on the first Saturday of every month. This high class event is limited to couples. We do do not accept single men at this particular event. A single man could ask a friend or a curious acquaintance, a single woman, to join him for one of these events. The two do not need to be in a relationship, but both should be attractive. The reason for this curation of our event is that we want to have an even male-to-female ratio. In our humble experience, this is the foundation for a great event, where everyone will have a splendid time.

Our team also hosts swingers parties where single men are welcome. Please study the event description carefully, so that you join the right event and do not end up disappointed.


We cohost fetish events with SubRosaDictum, the leading fetish event organizers in Europe. Our Kink Up series of productions are designed to take fetish, kink and BDSM events into the kinky mainstream of South Africa. International fetish stars give these events a glamour like the country has not seen before.

How to join sex party

Upmarket guests are welcome to join our events. Contact us at or ‭+27 (74) 878 0000‬‬ to find out more.

Upcoming Events

Find out more about our next party:

You can find all upcoming sex party events in our event calendar.