Are you a woman who is passionate, hungry for novel experiences, and just a little bit kinky? Or, are you frazzled, tired, and slightly bored? Either way, you deserve to be spoiled, pleased and pleasured. You deserve an erotic experience focused entirely on your desires.

For many women, the idea of a sensual massage is tantalizing… but also a bit intimidating. You might be worried about the stigma society attaches to women who unabashedly pursue pleasure. At EPICURE, we invite you to leave those concerns at the gate. We have created an environment where all kinds of turn-ons are celebrated. On arrival, you can try the sex swing, or pop open the chilled champagne. This is an environment where you get to live out your fantasies, rather than be judged for them.

Benefits And Techniques Of Sensual Massage For Women

What are your fantasies? Maybe you have always wondered what it would be like to brush your hand across skin as silky as your own. You might have noticed how a stranger’s curves move under her dress. That leaves you a little confused… Which is why you would like a sexual massage by another female. When you are with a professional, you do not need to worry that your inexperience will be an obstacle to pleasure. Here, you have the space to figure out your sexuality without the pressure of coming out before you are ready to do so. Our therapists love inducting women into new worlds of bliss.

The benefits of a sensual massage are not surprising. Research has shown that women are most relaxed after having been intimate. Nude massages with a seductive touch have a similar effect. The anticipation slowly builds excitement. The happy ending results in ultimate relaxation.

Maybe your fantasy revolves around a man focusing entirely on your body. In straight relationships, 95 percent of men regularly orgasm, compared to 65 percent of women. During an erotic treatment with one of our masseurs, your moans and movements will be the centre of his attention. Your pleasure comes first here. We are here to make you happy.

After reading the last two paragraphs, you might be torn between the two options. You do not have to choose, though. By booking both a masseuse and a masseur, you get the best of both worlds. Call or message 074 948 0000 to book an appointment.