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Hey you. I am so happy that you found your way to me.

Are you a little nervous? Don’t worry. I have a warmth to me that will immediately set you at your ease. My genuine, down to earth humour shines right through my light blue eyes. Looking at them is like exhaling, or hitting that first stretch of countryside road when you drive out the city. I also have a gift for compliments. I can make grown men blush with a quick comment on how sexy I find them, or by describing them as the person they really want to be. So, come on in. Let me knead that knots out of your shoulders.

My background is in sports massage and physiotherapy. All of my technical experience and skill means that your body will feel damned good when I’m done with you. That’s a given – but I want to give you more than that. Besides being a skilled massage therapist, I am also a great listener. I know that sometimes sharing our trials, tribulations and hopes is a lot easier with a new friend than with an old associate. I love helping people, and giving advice – where it is needed and wanted. For me, sensual massage is what you get when real touch meets sincere connection.

Besides massage, my second love is acting. I like those gritty, action based movies with a lot of relationship in them. I spend my spare time in the mountains, or gardening. I am working with a variety of seeds at the moment, and seeing what hybrids I can create. My sketchbook is always at my bedside table, and I draw whenever I can. All of that is the main meal. If you want to share dessert with me, bring some chocolate mousse to our session.




My rates are:

  • Individual Massages — R1900 an hour
  • Couples Massages — R2500 an hour


1.75 m
Outcall Fee
Depends on the destination