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Hello Love,

I am Aurora, your doll-faced fantasy made real. At first glance, I am all delicacy. I have doe eyes, resplendent dark hair that falls to my waist, and a shy smile. My movements are graceful, and I will always wait for you to make the first move. I am like those geishas of bygone years – innocent, impeccably mannered and deliciously feminine. But there is more to me than meets the eye. Come a bit closer. You’ll see by my vixen red lipstick that I have a naughty side. Look more carefully. You’ll see that my accoutrements are not all that soft; I like big biker jackets and garter belts. I am like lace against leather. My contradictions make me sexy.

When we are together, I will devote myself to learning your body. I want you to feel good, and completely cared for. I am drawn to this work because I want to learn more about myself and about the world. I appreciate those mind-expanding conversations I get to have with educated men, as I am studying at the moment myself. I am ambitious, and enjoying talking commerce.

I have a really playful side too – I love it when we’re rolling around the bed, caught in a fit of giggles. You can see that in a few of my girly hobbies. I read romance books and eat sushi in bed… Wearing nothing but Paris Hilton perfume, of course.

So, please pick up your phone. Let me make you feel good, cared for and admired. I’ll never forget our time together. And I know you won’t either.


My rates are:

  • Individual Massages — R1900 an hour
  • Couples Massages — Unfortunately I do not provide couples massages.


1.67 m
R1900.00 per hour
Outcall Fee
Incall only