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I am Master Damon. When we shake hands, you’ll be distracted by the sinewy lines along my forearms. Or you might suddenly go blank, startled by the piercing blue of my eyes. I am not who you are drawn to when looking for a boy who reminds you of your high school sweetheart. I am the man who makes your heart quicken. I am the man you seek out when you need a night of forgetting. I am the man whose calloused, warm hands will soon be caressing your back… But only after I have made it sting with my whip.

Why are you here in the first place? Perhaps you are a woman who believes that pleasure is her birthright. It is, and that is the gift I will always give you. Or, maybe you are a couple. You’re curious about BDSM, but you are worried you’ll do it all wrong. I’m here to teach one of you how to mix pleasure with pain, all without causing any harm. For the other half, I am here to make them feel safe during the first few play sessions. You might be standing in front of me because you are a man in the city for one night, and plan to savour it. You might be here for my gentle touch. You might be here to surrender to my gravelly commands. At some point during the night, you’ll tell me who you are, and what brought you to stand in front of me. For now, I just want to make your knees so weak you’ll fall to my feet… Or you would, if I hadn’t caught you in my arms just in time. For now, just inhale my scent. I smell damned good, don’t I?

Why would you trust me? I have many years of experience as a pro-Dom. I have also played the dominant role in my private life. That means that from the start, creating safety has been my priority. Over the course of my career, I have worked alongside female escorts, masseuses and dominatrixes. My colleagues have taught me hard skills, and given harsh lessons. I mention all of this to say that my training has been rigorous, and I have earned the respect of both my clients and my coworkers over time. I take both work and pleasure seriously. It’s awesome that I get to bring the two together for you.

So, give me a call at 074 878 0000. I keep both massage oil and my floggers in my boot.

1.83 m
R2500.00 per hour
Outcall Fee
Depends on the destination