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Swingers in Cape Town

Swinger groups in Cape Town are more plentiful than one would think. These groups typically meet in private at one of the group members' houses. Sometimes they take over a guesthouse or rent some hotel rooms.

In our opinion, the disadavantage of swinger groups is that they are a closed circle. Rarely do new members  join such groups. This means you always play with the same people. For us that leaves a little to be desired, as we find the new and unknown exciting. We believe a swingers club offers more options.


A suitable club is also the best option for newcomers to the lifestyle. Many people are curious about swingers lifestyles. At EPICURE, you are welcome to try the swinger's lifestyle without pressure, in a safe, luxurious environment. Our swingers club welcomes all swingers - swingers couples, single female swingers and single male swingers.


We host

  • Meet & Greet events, which are personal introductions over lunch, dinner or just a drink.
  • We host a regular daytime swingers sex party.
  • We host a high-class swingers party every first Saturday of the month. These events are open to experienced swingers, swingers couples and first time swingers alike, but exclusive to swinger couples.


Seasoned Swingers

At our swingers club you may expect to meet South African swingers, greater Cape Town swingers, international swingers and of course local swingers from the different suburbs.

First Time Swingers

Our events may be the best events for first time swingers as we not only have a comfortable, luxurious environment, but a fabulous security team which ensures that all guests are comfortable. Obnoxious single males are given a warning and then happily escorted off the property after the next offense.

We also offer a sensual massage for couples as a beautiful way to introduce a third person in the play session of newcomers to the alternative lifestyle.

Single Swingers

Single members of the swinger's lifestyle are welcome at many of our events.

We limit the quantity of single men at any swingers party to ensure that the male-to-female ratio remains comfortable for the ladies and attractive for all attendees.

Swingers Club Cape Town

Once you have been to EPICURE, you will understand why we are the premier swingers club in Cape Town. To learn more about upcoming events, please look at our events page and check our blog for additional announcements.