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The Premier Lifestyle Club in Cape Town

If you are looking for an upmarket lifestyle club in Cape Town, the Western Cape or South Africa, you have found what you have been looking for. This venue is different, as it is a social venue for adults. Not only do we operate in style, but our hotel offers accommodation which allows you to stay for however long you like.

What can you expect at EPICURE? Let's just say that it will not be like Alan Harper's swinger party visit on Two and a Half Men. Instead, you may expect a professionally organized dress up social event with DJ's, security, bar staff and a hostess providing an introduction. In the course of the evening, after plenty of socializing, things will get naughty. Consensual sex is frequent, but one does not have to participate. When you come to EPICURE, you do what pleases YOU. Needless to say, consent will be required for any interaction, so a single lady or a couple will feel safe. EPICURE.CLUB is a safe space, where you can live out your fantasies from swinging to BDSM.

Most new guests are concerned about privacy. Rest assured, we are discreet. Photography and video are strictly forbidden. This rule is strictly enforced by our security team.

Are You New To The Lifestyle?

We have a special space in our heart for those who are new to the lifestyle. Join one of our events and allow our team to guide you and your partner. Swinging and polyamory are exciting, but also a road full of potholes. The theory provided on many websites is fabulous, but sometimes a bit removed from reality. We are happy to explain the rules and give practical advice - based on being in the lifestyle and seeing many guests and friends navigate troubled waters. For a newcomer to the alternative lifestyle of sexual exploration, we have a beautiful first step of being with someone else. We suggest they try a sensual massage. These are available for singles and couples.

Tips and Recommendations for visiting Swingers Clubs

Here are some practical tips for your first visit:

Dress nice

You want to impress the opposite sex.

Smell good

Be freshly showered. Use a deodorant and smell nice.

Have your personal grooming in order

This is obviously a matter of personal preference. The trend today is bare.

Don't have a drink to calm your nerves

Do not get intoxicated before you go. You may be denied entry. There will be plenty of opportunity to have a drink at the event. Look at the bright side: You may find other nervous people at the bar, and have a conversation topic.

No Photography

Do not attempt to take pictures. Not even selfies. Clubs and patrons around the world will react allergic to a breach of discreetness. Some clubs, like ours, will destroy your device. We cherish the resulting law suit — free publicity.


You do not have to participate in any activity. Many guests simply enjoy dressing up, the music, the companionship and the naughty vibe. You are welcome to watch (voyeurism) other guests play in public spaces and then experiment with your partner is the four walls of your home.

Participation in swinging is completely voluntary. Do not push your partner if there is resistance. This will put a strain on your relationship. Respect the boundaries of every guest, including your partner, at all times.

Communicate With Your Partner

It is important for newcomers to communicate openly with their partners and potential playmates, before entering the world of sexual exploration.

The most important rule at any Swingers Club

CONSENT. Remember that consent is required for any physical interaction. If you fail to honor this simple rule, you are in breach of our House Rules. You will only get one warning, after which security will get involved.

Be Respectful To Their Partner

Disrespecting a partner is the best way to be rejected. 

Accept Rejection

Having paid the entry fee does not mean you are entitled to sex. People still need to like you. Smile, be friendly and open. If your advances have been rejected, remain friendly and courteous. Next time you may get lucky.

Always Play Safe

Our club provides condoms in every room. Nonetheless, we suggest that you bring your favorite condoms and lube anyway.

Get Your Tickets

Buy your tickets in advance. Being turned away at the door will ruin your evening and embarrass you in front of your partner.

Curb your expectations

If you don't set your expectations high, you will not be disappointed.

The Most Important Thing

Enjoy the journey. Take your time and do not feel pressured — even by your partner. Only play when YOU are ready, not before. Be willing to say "No, Thank you". Even though it does not matter, saying "No" will gain you the respect of our team. If we have to, we will talk to your partner. This journey is about the two of you, not only him or her.

After all, going to parties of this nature is supposed to be fun!

Our Cape Town Events

We host Meet & Greet events in Cape Town. These introductions have the objective for like-minded people to meet. These events are not geared for play. We host a party every Saturday night. You can buy a ticket on our events page.


Please note that for many of our adult events one does not need to be a member. Join us and other like-minded individuals on a journey of discovery and play.


Cape Town swingers have some options. If a luxury lifestyle club is out of reach, have a look at other options here.


Contact us if you would like more information about the lifestyle or this club in particular. We are happy to answer your questions.