The Premier Lifestyle Club in Cape Town

If you are looking for an upmarket swingers club, in Cape Town, the Western Cape or South Africa, you may have found what you have been looking for. This venue is different, as it is a social venue for adults. Not only do we operate in style, but our hotel offers accommodation which allows you to stay for however long you like.

What can you expect at EPICURE? Let's just say that it will not be like Alan Harper's swinger party visit on Two and a Half Men. Instead, you may expect a dress up social event with DJ's, security and bar staff. In the course of the evening, after plenty of socializing, things will get naughty. Consensual sex is frequent, but one does not have to participate. When you come to EPICURE, you do what pleases YOU.

Needless to say, consent will be required for any interaction, so a single lady or a couple will feel safe. The EPICURE CLUB is a safe space, where you can live out your fantasies from swinging to BDSM.

Most new guests are concerned about privacy. Rest assured, we are discreet. Photography and video are strictly forbidden. This rule is strictly enforced by our security team.

New And Curious?

We have a special space in our heart for those who are new to the lifestyle. Join one of our events and allow our team to guide you and your partner. The theory provided on many website is fabulous, but sometimes a bit removed from reality. We are happy to explain the rules and give practical advice - based on  being in the lifestyle and seeing many guests and friends navigate troubled waters. For a newcomer to alternative lifestyle of sexual exploration, we have a beautiful first step of being with someone else. We suggest they try a sensual massage. These are available for singles and couples.

Our Cape Town Events

We host Meet & Greet events in Cape Town. These introductions have the objective for like-minded people to meet. These events are not geared for play.

We host a party every Saturday night. You can buy a ticket on our events page.

Please note that for many of our adult events one does not need to be a member. Join us and other like-minded individuals on a journey of discovery and play.


If a luxury lifestyle club is out of reach, have a look at other options here.



If you would like more info about the lifestyle or this club in particular, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.


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