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What Is A Swingers Party

Many people are curious about swinging and the swinger lifestyle. We welcome you to try the swinger lifestyle without pressure, in a clean, luxurious and safe environment. Our swinger club Cape Town is focused on couples.

Swinger Definition

If you are not in a relationship, by definition you are not a swinger. It does not matter how much you like sex or with how many partners of the opposite sex you have had intercourse. You are single. The definition is, what the definition is...

Put in a different way, if you are single, by our definition you are not a swinger. The terms swinger and single are mutually exclusive.

The above does not imply that singles are not welcome at our swinger events. You are welcome at most of them. We don't judge, but we would like to call a spade a spade.

How are Swingers Parties Different From Sex Parties

You could argue that one of these parties is a subset of a sex party. As such, the swingers party is much more specialized. The definition of a swinger is that he or she is in a relationship, and that both partners play at parties or events. A single is not a swinger. A single lady or gentleman can attend a sex party, but they may not be welcome at swingers events.

How To Get Started

Obviously there are many ways to Rome. The direct route is often not the best way. If you follow our analogy, going to a party and hooking up with another couple is the direct route. Forcing this approach has its dangers. If one of the partners has reservations, or even an undesirable experience, 

Ratio Of Men To Women

In an ideal world, most people would like there to be an even ratio of men to women at these parties. We mentioned "ideal world", because many clubs struggle to have an even ratio. This may have many reasons. Our swinger parties are guaranteed to have an even ratio. We curate these events, and use pricing as one of the tools.

  • The hygiene is insufficient;
  • The atmosphere is not elegant;
  • The venue focuses on the needs of the men;

The most successful clubs have their own unique recipes for dealing with the men-to-women ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some questions for you, which we have been asked in the past.

What are the rules and guidelines to follow during the event?

The primary rules are to be discreet and respectful of other peoples wishes and boundaries. You need consent to touch someone other than your partner. Failure to follow these rules will get you removed from the event.

Is there a Minimum Age?

You will find that around the globe, parties of this nature have a minimum age. In some countries it may be 18 years, in others 21 years of age. We have set 21 years as our minimum age.

As newcomers, what should we expect upon arrival?

You should expect a very cool venue and welcoming, like-minded people.

Will someone be available to give us a tour?

We normally have team members who welcome you, give you an introduction and a tour. You will feel comfortable in no time.

What time can we check into the hotel suite?

Our boutique hotel has 2pm as a check-in time. Please contact us for alternative arrangements.

What amenities are included at the venue?

The garden with fabulous views invites to frolicking under the stars. There is also a heated salt water pool and a jacuzzi.

Is there a specific order of events?

Yes, there is:

  • Every first Saturday of the month is Swinger Day;
  • Every second Saturday of the month we host our Hedonism Party, which combines different elements like swinging and kink;
  • The third Saturday of the month is dedicated to kink, fetish and BDSM. Swingers are welcome, but it is not a curated couples event.
  • The fourth Saturday is our Experimental Day, where we try out different themes;


How does the couples massage service work?

Are there any safety measures in place regarding STI's?

There is only so much that can realistically be done. We encourage everyone to be safe and use condoms. We facilitate this by providing condoms in various areas. You need to take responsibility yourself, though, and refrain from playing without a condom.

Should we bring our own toys?

You are most welcome to bring your own toys. Please note that we cannot be responsible for running after everyone's sex toys. You are responsible for what happens to your toys, including their loss.

Do we have to participate?

Absolutely not. You are welcome to turn down anyone and anything. Please do it with courtesy and respect.

Is there an option for voyeurism?

You will find exhibitionists and voyeurs at most events. Our public play rooms are — public. That means the doors and curtains stay open. Anyone can observe and get ideas for things to try in their own four walls.

As first-timers, what should we know in advance and plan for?

We would suggest having a nice dinner and then coming to the party. Don't come with an empty stomach, don't come with food fatique. Find a balance that enables you to party a long evening.

Our Cape Town venue has a very steep driveway. Come in comfortable shoes and change into high heels when you reach the lounge.

What time should we arrive?

This is a difficult question to answer, as most people hate to be the first one at the party. Security will allow guests in from 8pm. We suggest you come early to socialise with other guests. Early Birds have a distinct advantage in this regard, unless you are fabulously attractive. Please don't come after midnight. At that time people will have found their playmates and you will be like a fifth wheel on a car.

Will there be a bar onsite? If not, are we allowed to bring our own bottle of wine or gin to our hotel room?

Yes, there is a bar.

Does the venue have a restaurant that serves food?

Initially we served food. This was not very popular with guests, as they found meals like burgers unsexy and too heavy. We therefore restrict ourselves to high quality finger food like sushi these days. There are may restaurants within a 5 minute drive.

How can we be assured of discretion among attendees?

Keep in mind that everyone at the party has the same concerns as you. That not withstanding, you are welcome to use an alias when you introduce yourself to other guests. If you want to be discreet, do not share your phone number or social media profiles. Photography is absolutely forbidden on the premises. We will destroy a device with glee...

Do attendees wear face masks?

This depends on the event. At some events a face mask is mandatory, at other events it is optional. You can usually find this information in the event invitation or the ticket sales.

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An Authority

When we perform a Google Search on the topic, we see numerous guidelines on what to expect, and what to do, if you want to enter this lifestyle. Paper is patient, and we question how much experience many of these writers have. Our swingers club hosts more adult parties than anyone else in the Western Cape. Our team has seen the tears of joy and the tears of sorrow. We have managed numerous events, participated in many parties, and gotten feedback from many guests. We are not a barstool quarterback, but an authority on the topic.