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swinging at a swinger club

What is Swinging?

Swinging is the practice of a couple swapping sexual partners with another couple or a group of like-minded individuals. Such an event can happen at a private residence or a swinger club.

Am I a swinger?

Please note that a single, attending a swinger party, is by definition not a swinger. If you are in a relationship and your partner or spouse does not join you or is not aware of what you are doing, you are not a swinger. You may be polyamourous, in an open relationship or cheating. Just saying...

Swinger Club

The above definition is important to us, as we considered the premier swinger club in Cape Town, South Africa. As we not only host swingers parties, but also a range of other BDSM and sex parties, we get many singles and couples who visit the EPICURE CLUB. The curiosity about swinging in general, and our events in particular, is enormous.

Swinger Party

We host an exclusive swingers party every first Saturday of the month. In this instance our definition for "exclusive" is:

  • An event created for couples. We allow very few single men.
  • We have an even ratio of men and women
  • We cater to an upmarket clientele
  • We host at an exclusive location
  • We have excellent security
  • We invite professional artists


Needless to say, these events do not come cheap. We have no problem employing price as a means for separating the wheat from the chaff. Simply put, if these events were accessible to everyone, then they would not be exclusive.

We believe the EPICURE CLUB is the best venue to join the swinger lifestyle. Here is why:

  • The venue is elegant and clean.
  • We have excellent security which ensures that our house rules are adhered to.
  • We focus on discreetness. No cameras are allowed.
  • We have a fabulous team guiding newcomers.
  • As an introduction into the lifestyle, we offer the most beautiful couples massage.


Experienced swingers will also find a lot to like. Unlike swinger parties with friends at private residences, our club has a constant stream of new guests. We find "new" rather appealing and prefer it to having sex with the same old friends.

Find out more about the most exclusive swingers club in Cape Town.