The Following Terms & Conditions Apply To All Visitors

  1. The EPICURE CLUB is a Members-Only Private Club
  2. Right of Admission is reserved!
  3. We do not discriminate on the basis of race or religion.
  4. Our target demographic are heterosexual and lesbian clients. Some of the events we host are LGBT friendly, some are not. We endeavor to point this out in the event invitation.
  5. The minimum age is 18 years, without exception. Do not forget to bring your ID.
  6. Admission is strictly reserved to Members of the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE.
  7. Health & Safety Protocols are applicable.
  8. Members may bring guests. These guests are required to have a Guest Membership.
  9. A guest membership is valid from 14:00 hours to 11:00 hours the following day.
  10. The checkout time for the hotel is 11:00 hours.
  11. Additional services like sensual massage are payable in advance.
  12. Members and Guests are expected to adhere to a formal or elegant casual dress code. Flip flops and the like are not accepted. Please dress to impress.
  13. Consent is key at EPICURE. "No" means No, which means there is no consent. If any member, guest, companion, escort or staff member declines your advances, accept the rejection, smile, and thank them for their consideration. Move on and meet someone else. Spare us the drama. You are not entitled to anything - neither in life, nor at EPICURE. Do not force your wishes upon anyone. Disregarding the "No means No rule" may earn you a can of whoopass from security. It will definitely earn you an eviction from the club.
  14. EPICURE does not sell alcohol. All drinks, including alcohol, are complimentary for Members and Guest Members. Within reason, Members and Guest Members may drink as many complimentary drinks as they like.
  15. EPICURE may refuse to serve further alcohol, if a Member or a Guest Member is clearly intoxicated and/or unpleasant for other guests. This decision rests solely with the management and/or the security team.
  16. For safety reasons, EPICURE reserves the right to call a shuttle (Taxi, Bolt or Uber) for those Members or Guests we deem either incapable of driving, or who are not staying overnight at EPICURE.
  17. Members or Guests who are sent home due to intoxication are not entitled to a refund of their guest membership fee.
  18. EPICURE is a drug free space. We neither offer nor sell drugs. Respect the club and refrain from peddling your drugs at the club. Failure to do so will result in eviction.
  19. All weapons needs to be declared with security and will be retained for safe keeping.
  20. Discreetness is a key factor for all Members, Guests and Companions. No photography is permitted whatsoever.
  21. By entering the Club, you give explicit consent to having your phone searched for sensitive images (of other EPICURE members, guests, companions, staff or security) at any time.
  22. EPICURE is a Members-Only Club with few intentional limits. We want our members and guests to enjoy the company of the opposite sex, meet like-minded people and have fun on all levels.
  23. Nonetheless, neither Membership nor Guest Membership contract for sex. EPICURE arranges companionship between like-minded people, but does not sell sex for money. Any interactions between adults is by mutual consent.
  24. Accommodations at EPICURE are limited. We have five (5) luxurious units. These units are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Members have priority over Guest Members. We strongly suggest you make reservations.
  25. Health & Safety Regulations prohibit guests in areas where food is prepared. The area behind the bar and the kitchen are off limits to guests.
  26. We all love to party. Nonetheless, if you cause or create damage, you will be responsible for the costs.
  27. If you drop glass into the pool, you will be held responsible for pumping the pool empty, removing the glass and refilling the pool.
  28. These Terms & Conditions apply to any member, guest, visitor or contractor.
  29. Breach of the Terms & Conditions will lead to eviction or removal from the property. No refund will be provided.
  30. We reserve the right, with or without notice, to make changes to services, prices, dates, events, locations, menus and these Terms and Conditions at any time.