Yoni Massage Cape Town

Yoni Massage Cape Town

A yoni massage is the sensual touch of the most sacred area of a woman. The massage starts very relaxing and soothing, but builds to a crescendo which leaves you invigorated and ready to tackle the world. Most importantly, this massage is very therapeutic.

Safe Space

Epicure is happy to provide a yoni massage by a qualified sensual massage therapist, in a beautiful and clean environment.

Massage Therapists

A yoni massage at EPICURE can be provided by a male or female massage therapist. A male massage therapist may seem more obvious, but a woman does have a unique touch. The choice comes down to your personal preference.

Feedback Please

The yoni massage is an essential part of our program. As ladies in Cape Town are still more sensitive than men about getting a sensual massage, we wonder how descriptive we should be. We would appreciate any feedback.

More Information

For more information or a booking please call us at ‭+27 (74) 878 0000‬‬ or email fun@epicure.co.za.